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And now, the backstory.

Way back in April 2018, I had this grand scheme to make people listen to more podcasts. Sure, anyone can tell you how great Serial is/was but did you know that there are something like 400,000 podcasts in existence today? If you strung them all together, they would circle the moon and back, 57 times. Ok, I know that makes no sense at all so shut your pie hole. You got the point. Don’t belabor it.

So where does one go to get good podcast recommendations?

You come here. Or rather, I come to you.

With my new Podcast Gumbo newsletter, I’ll deliver three great podcast episode recommendations to your email doorstep each week. And guess what? It’s free. You won’t hear that absolutely over-used line about it being ‘less than a cup of coffee.’ If I had a dime every time someone said that, I could put up my own bail money for overreacting to that overused statement.

So subscribe now. Everyone’s doing it. Not counting my mom, I’ve got more than 6 subscribers so far. Side hustle, my arse.

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