How to Create a Podcast Playlist

“Woe is me.”

Past tense.

As someone that has a lot of friends and family asking for podcast recommendations, the best I could do for the longest time was to say something like “listen to Criminal” or “Beautiful/Anonymous is one of my new favorites.” And then I had this grand scheme to write the Podcast Gumbo newsletter where I recommend three podcast episodes each week.

The hardest part of writing that newsletter was including links to the podcast. To make it easier for people, I included a link to the episode on the podcast’s website, a link to the episode in iTunes, and then an Overcast link (for anyone that used my favorite iOS podcast app). Android users? I honestly struggled to cater to them. I even asked some iOS developers if there was any way to create a ‘universal link.’ You can guess the answer to that question. It only requires two letters.

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The Best Podcast Listicle Listicle

Because I write the Podcast Gumbo newsletter about podcasts, I’m naturally looking and finding articles about good podcasts to try. The problem is that nowadays, it seems you can’t get away from every publisher putting out a listicle about their favorite podcasts.

Over the last six months, I’ve saved a bunch and now that I look at the list, it’s pretty absurd and quite frankly, overwhelming. Of course, I don’t want to be overwhelmed all by myself so I’ve decided to put together a listicle of those listicles.

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“If There’s Anything I Can Do For You, Let Me Know”

How many times have you said that to someone? I would argue that it’s the most common statement made at a wake or funeral. I’ve said it so many times and after listening to this podcast episode, I now realize how much of an ass I am.

Podcast link: What Did You Just Say?

Thanks Cancer! is a podcast by two hosts who want to share stories to be a resource for cancer patients. This episode though is arguably better for people that know those with cancer. What should you say to someone after finding out they have cancer? What should you not say or do?

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Scott Harrison Will Make You Cry

5 Years ago, I was attending an inbound marketing conference. Things were going pretty well. I was learning a lot. I was kinda interested in the keynote speakers but I didn’t feel like I HAD TO make sure I saw them. And that’s where I was dead wrong.

I’ve written about Arianna Huffington’s keynote which I loved. But I was honestly shaken by the keynote of some former club promoter, Scott Harrison.

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My Favorite Podcasts

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I’ll assume your word is your bond.

As of April 2, 2018. In no particular order. If I had kids, ranking them would be easier.

Criminal – As an economics major (just barely squeaked by) and engineer (not even close) in college, my favorite class was Criminology so maybe it’s no surprise that I love these one-off, short stories about crimes. I’d say the success rate (based on me liking an episode) is about 80%.

Art of Manliness – I long to be a man so listening to this is one possible way to get there.

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