A Bombogenesis and the 5-Minute Productivity Hack

Talk about some meta-ness.

Yesterday, we experienced what is known as a Bomb Cyclone or Bombogenesis. At least that’s what the media was reporting. Odd how I have been on this earth for multiple decades and never heard that term. Anyway, from 8:30 pm to midnight last night, after things had calmed down, my nephews and I went over to the nearby retirement housing building where my parents live and shoveled out about 12 cars.

Waking up this morning wasn’t something I was thrilled to do. So before getting up, I read a few articles on Flipboard. The one that stood out was Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom’s 5-Minute Cure for Procrastination. This immediately resonated with me because this happens to me frequently.

I procrastinate.

Sometimes for way too long. Molehills become mountains in my mind. However, many times, if I can just get started, I’m good.

Strangely, the first example that comes to mind is doing my annual taxes. I’m always dreading it. I always think it’s going to take 1.5 days to complete. So I push it off. But when I start, I get into it and crank it out within 2 hours. This happens annually.

So how is this whole story meta?

Today, I wanted to write an article to finish out the week. I struggled for most of the day to even get my ass in front of the computer. So I took Systrom’s advice and just decided to write for 5 minutes. Those five mins quickly turned to 10. Then 20. And now, I have a finished article for me to share with the world!

It makes you wonder why procrastination is such a problem in the first place.

Now go commit to 5 minutes of tax preparation!

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