My Favorite Take on 10 Cloverfield Lane


I remember seeing the pseudo-trailer / ad for this film during the Superbowl a few years back. Given that I had seen Cloverfield a couple of years previously and liked it, I inevitably thought this was a sequel that maybe I would want to check out.

The trailer was more confusing than anything. It didn’t give anything away which I wish the industry would go back to doing much much more.

After seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane in the theatre, I came away liking it but not loving it. The acting was solid with John Goodman as the crazy(?) guy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the strong yet damaged captive. It certainly had its fair share of detractors due to the insane ending. I didn’t mind the end but it did seem off as it related to the feel of the rest of the film.

For me, I love movies that make me think – the ones that I can’t shake. And this was right up there. It wasn’t just a monster/alien movie but I certainly was not smart enough to figure out what it was without some help.

Enter, this article about the backlash. The title pretty much had me at hello. I needed to find out.

I have never tried to find out if the theme this article proposes is what the director was trying to get across. And I’m ok with not genuinely knowing because this theory makes complete sense and elevates this movie from like to love. At least for me.

The funny thing is that after a friend of mine told me she had seen the movie and didn’t like it, I told her I would send her an article that would change everything about it.

Her answer after reading was “Nope, still don’t like it.”

Oh well.

p.s. This official trailer may be one of my favorites ever. It’s perfect in every way.

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