The Goodnewsletter – An Email Newsletter You’ll Want to Receive

About a year ago, I purged a ton of email newsletters I was getting. Some were ok; some were useless. I became to hate email and needed to minimize where I could. I would guestimate that I got rid of about 85% of all newsletters, which includes those from various stores that were only trying to sell me something. I must say that it’s a great feeling.

Since my purge, I have subscribed to a few new ones that I do look forward to receiving, most notably, The Goodnewsletter.

The funny thing is that before I even heard of The Goodnewsletter, I felt like there was a space for such a thing. I do 99.9% of my reading on the web and so much of what I was reading was negative. People or companies doing bad. I know that sells but when the balance is so skewed, it can get depressing.

The Goodnewsletter flips that on its head. Their ‘sell’ is that the newsletter “is a celebration of the good in the world from Good Good Good. Each week we bring you five pieces of good news – delivered straight to your inbox.”

It’s a great diversion from all the negative in the world. It inspires hope by showing us there are a lot of great people and things in this world.

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