Don’t Expect Thanks. Instead, Be a Go-Giver.

I have the type of personality where I feel uncomfortable if someone pays for something for me out of their generosity. Dinner is the most common of these situations. I always feel like that needs to even out and I don’t like the feeling that I owe someone.

My old boss used to say “it’s better that I owe you than cheat you out” and although that is true, neither option makes me feel any good.

Similarly, I always felt that if you did something nice for someone, they should at least acknowledge it because I would always feel the need to thank someone for the smallest thing like letting you cut in line while driving. How hard is a simple hand gesture?

When someone didn’t acknowledge my nicety, it irked me. Didn’t their mom teach them any manners?

One day, I found myself in the bookstore and stumbled across a book called The Go-Giver. I have no idea why I picked it up. After skimming the first chapter, I ended up buying it.

The simple premise of the book is that you should never expect anything in return. A simple thanks may not come at that moment. However, over time, all those ‘gives’ will come back to you.

The next time you hold a door open for someone, do it because it’s a nice gesture. If they thank you, that’s a bonus.

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