Popclip – A Little Mac Gem

As a geek that likes to find new apps to make my life easier, I tend to think of the big ones – Slack, Evernote, OmniFocus. Secondarily, I think of Fantastical, Overcast, Streaks, and Due.

One that I use daily and love yet gets overlooked is a little thingby called PopClip. It gets overlooked because it’s just a part of your normal workflow. It’s not an app that you have to open to use. PopClip provides you options to use when you select any text on your Mac.

Here’s are two simple scenarios, with and without PopClip.

Let’s say you are browsing the web for a restaurant to take your better half. The restaurant’s website has the address. If you don’t know where that restaurant is, you would typically have to copy the address, open up Google Maps (either by bookmark or by googling the site) and copy the address. That’s a lot of steps for something so simple.

Using PopClip, you would highlight the text. That automatically brings up a menu of PopClip extensions (i.e., options) you have pre-chosen to select from. You click on the Google Maps option and it does the rest – it opens up Google Maps, enters the address and provides you a pin for the restaurant.

What’s nice is that the software is inexpensive but they also have a free trial. But before you even download the trial, take a look at all the options (extensions) you can use.

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