My Current Apple Watch Face

Since I just wrote about my iPhone’s homescreen changes, I’ll now show you my main Apple Watch face. This shouldn’t bore you as much since you can only put so much on a watch face.

Hey, look at that. I show the time and date. Weird.

That leaves me with four complications using the Modular watch face. I really could use a couple more. Alas, I ultimately decided on the following four complications.

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My Current iPhone Homescreen

It’s the beginning of the year so you know what that means.

Not going to the gym you just bought a membership from. Stuffing a whole bag of goldfish crackers down your gullet for lunch. Other things that dissolve your new year resolutions. Along with those, I do one thing that affects me every day. I look at my current iPhone homescreen and assess if should make any changes. In truth, this is not a once a year thing for me. I do this every few months because my needs change. Plus, there are always new apps popping up that become more important than others.

Below is a screenshot of my new homescreen. For the most part, these represent the apps I use the most frequently.

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My Favorite Podcast App – Overcast

I love listening to podcasts. I’m always surprised when I find out that friends of mine have never listened to even one podcast. It’s possible that they don’t have the time to sit through one because they don’t have a commute that’s very long or whatever.

Although I don’t have a long commute (walking downstairs to the office is not long), I do end up in my car and also try to walk on a daily basis. It’s at this time that I love listening to podcasts even more so than listening to music which I also love.

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Popclip – A Little Mac Gem

As a geek that likes to find new apps to make my life easier, I tend to think of the big ones – Slack, Evernote, OmniFocus. Secondarily, I think of Fantastical, Overcast, Streaks, and Due.

One that I use daily and love yet gets overlooked is a little thingby called PopClip. It gets overlooked because it’s just a part of your normal workflow. It’s not an app that you have to open to use. PopClip provides you options to use when you select any text on your Mac.

Here’s are two simple scenarios, with and without PopClip.

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Evernote versus Apple Notes

I need to get away from Evernote. It’s not as good as it used to be. It’s certainly not worth paying for. I wish Bear or Apple Notes would be a better solution. – Me

I have been struggling with a decision on a note-taking and management app for quite awhile. I’ve been an Evernote user for a long time and have been paying for it for at least five years. It has served me well over the years for the most part. But things change. My needs and workflows have changed.

  • I used to put pdf attachments into Evernote. But I found that inefficient, mainly when I wanted to get those documents out. When I got a real scanner and started scanning a lot of files, I switched over to having my files in a simple folder structure on my laptop.
  • A lot of my notes were very short, text-based notes. Some were even temporary. Evernote was overkill.

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