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A Bombogenesis and the 5-Minute Productivity Hack

Talk about some meta-ness.

Yesterday, we experienced what is known as a Bomb Cyclone or Bombogenesis. At least that’s what the media was reporting. Odd how I have been on this earth for multiple decades and never heard that term. Anyway, from 8:30 pm to midnight last night, after things had calmed down, my nephews and I went over to the nearby retirement housing building where my parents live and shoveled out about 12 cars.

Waking up this morning wasn’t something I was thrilled to do. So before getting up, I read a few articles on Flipboard. The one that stood out was Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom’s 5-Minute Cure for Procrastination. This immediately resonated with me because this happens to me frequently.

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My Current Apple Watch Face

Since I just wrote about my iPhone’s homescreen changes, I’ll now show you my main Apple Watch face. This shouldn’t bore you as much since you can only put so much on a watch face.

Hey, look at that. I show the time and date. Weird.

That leaves me with four complications using the Modular watch face. I really could use a couple more. Alas, I ultimately decided on the following four complications.

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My Current iPhone Homescreen

It’s the beginning of the year so you know what that means.

Not going to the gym you just bought a membership from. Stuffing a whole bag of goldfish crackers down your gullet for lunch. Other things that dissolve your new year resolutions. Along with those, I do one thing that affects me every day. I look at my current iPhone homescreen and assess if should make any changes. In truth, this is not a once a year thing for me. I do this every few months because my needs change. Plus, there are always new apps popping up that become more important than others.

Below is a screenshot of my new homescreen. For the most part, these represent the apps I use the most frequently.

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Minimize Paying the Monthly Bills

Do you like paying bills?

If your answer is yes, then skip the rest of this post by clicking here. If not, then ask yourself how many times you pay your bills during the month. Chances are, you have several different things to pay and they are randomly scattered across the month. Therefore, you have to do the miserable deed multiple times over the course of the month, every month.

As it turns out, there’s a simple solution.

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The Dreaded Engine Light

The yellow symbol appears. Soon after that, your mind fills with doom and dread.

If you’ve ever driven a car, there’s a good chance you’ve had the check engine symbol light up on your dashboard. It’s an awful feeling.

Unless you’re skilled at working on your car, the following thoughts rifle through your brain:

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